Author: Danielle Alexander

We needed Congress to care about care.

Caring for our communities’ children, aging or sick family members, and disabled neighbors is vital to the health and economic prosperity of our country. Without care work, no other work is possible. Whether you care for someone else’s children or family members or your own, your work is essential.  Despite this, Republicans and a handful… Read more »

Meet our new team members!

Meet our new team members!

We’re proud and grateful to be meeting this unique moment in history by expanding our team so that we can continue to organize, mobilize, and win the policies moms and caregivers need.  Audreona Mullens is our new Portland Regional Organizer. She has primarily worked with young adults in the past, but after a birth-related injury… Read more »

¡Conoce al equipo!

Este es un momento único e histórico en el movimiento y es por eso que estamos muy orgullosas y entusiasmadas de poder expandir nuestro equipo para continuar organizando, movilizando y aprobando las propuestas que necesitan las mamás y cuidadoras para prosperar. Audreona Mullens es nuestra nueva Organizadora Regional de Portland. Ha trabajado principalmente con adultos… Read more »

The courts don’t decide our fate. We do.

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court issued a chilling decision to overturn Roe v. Wade that robs us of our constitutional right to control our own bodies, our lives, and our futures. Knowing this was coming does not make this moment any less devastating.  We know this decision will cause tremendous harm to our communities, especially… Read more »

Response to Gun Violence in America

Our hearts are full of grief and anger in light of the mass shooting in Texas where 19 beloved children and two admired teachers were brutally murdered at their school. This extremist violence happened just ten days after a white supremacy-fueled mass shooting at a grocery store in New York by a man who targeted… Read more »

Oregon es un paso más hacia el cuidado infantil universal.

¡LO HICIMOS! La sesión legislativa de Oregon de 2021 terminó oficialmente y aprobamos la HB 3073 (Cuidado infantil para Oregon), nuestro proyecto de ley prioritario sobre cuidado infantil. Esta es una victoria histórica y histórica y no hubiera sido posible sin USTED. HB 3073 fue un primer paso crítico en la construcción del tipo de… Read more »

Oregon is another step closer to universal childcare.

WE DID IT! Oregon’s 2021 legislative session is officially over and we passed HB 3073 (Child Care for Oregon), our priority bill on child care. This is a historic and landmark victory and wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.  HB 3073 was a critical first step in building the type of system we really want… Read more »

This is our movement. This is our moment.

What a year we’ve had! As mothers and caregivers, 2020 has been one of the hardest years of our lives, and yet, at the end of it, we’ve achieved so much. As the board president of Family Forward Action, I’ve never been so in awe of what we can do when we pool our resources… Read more »