Month: March 2015

Sign the Petition for Paid Sick Time!

Because all Oregon workers should have paid sick time. Everybody gets sick, but not everyone has the time to recover. Right now 473,000 Oregonians – 47% of the Oregon work force – don’t have the right to take even one day off when they or a family member is ill.  That’s not healthy for them, their workplaces, their families, their… Read more »

We’re Standing UP for a Fair Shot for All!

What a day!  There were eight rallies around the state asking our lawmakers to pass (long overdue) laws that will give every Oregonian a Fair Shot at economic opportunity, security, and success. Take a look at some of the people and messages from this powerful and empowering day of action! Learn more about Fait Shot for… Read more »

Speak up for a statewide paid sick time law!

It’s not surprising that powerful corporate lobby interests are working hard in Salem to prevent a statewide paid sick time law from passing this legislative session, is it? And if they can’t stop it, they’re determined to water it down so it doesn’t help the people who need it most. But we’re not going to… Read more »

Our 2015 Legislative Agenda

We see an Oregon where all women and families are economically secure & caregiving isn’t a barrier to financial stability. And we’re excited for the opportunities in 2015 to move Oregon forward to work better for all Oregon families, however they are configured. These are the bills we are supporting during the current legislative session to… Read more »