We’re proud and grateful to be meeting this unique moment in history by expanding our team so that we can continue to organize, mobilize, and win the policies moms and caregivers need.

 Audreona Mullens is our new Portland Regional Organizer. She has primarily worked with young adults in the past, but after a birth-related injury resulted in her son having a disability she began meeting with other mothers of color whose children had special needs and created a support group. She’ll be working in the greater-Portland area to connect more moms and caregivers to our movement.

Francisca Aparicio is our new Bilingual Regional Organizer (English/Spanish) and will be connecting with moms and caregivers in the Salem area. She previously worked with PCUN and has been an active member of our Spanish Action Team for the last three years. She is excited to share information with her community and build power together.

Rae Jesequel is our new Operations Coordinator! She previously served on the Family Forward Oregon and Family Forward Action boards and also served two terms on The Mother PAC endorsement committee. We’re very excited for Rae to continue her work with us in a new way.

We’re also excited to announce that our amazing Regional Organizer, Elisa Andrade, is stepping into the role of Organizing Director! Elisa has been on staff with Family Forward for nearly five years and has been a critical leader in our movement.

She founded and grew our Spanish Action Team in Salem, and has been instrumental in growing our statewide network of moms and caregivers as well as our bilingual organizing program overall. Elisa will be leading our organizing team and is looking forward to reconnecting with you in her new role. 

Thank you for continuing to fight for racial, gender, and economic justice for moms and caregivers with us. The momentum we’re creating together is unstoppable.