Month: April 2015

Six Word Memoirs on Motherhood by Oregon Moms

What do YOU have to say about motherhood — in 6 words?! MOTHERHOOD.  In Six Words? Yes, that’s what we’re asking you. (< see, that was 6 words!) Here’s the deal: We’re partnering with Smith Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project to gather thoughts on motherhood from Oregon moms. Then we’re going to share them, in a variety… Read more »

Minimum Wage Statewide Hearing | April 13, 2015

If Oregon is to be a good place to raise a family, our minimum wage must increase. It’s that simple. Why? Because right now, if you work full-time at minimum wage you take home just $18,925 a year – not nearly enough to afford housing, food, childcare, and other necessities for a family, let alone save… Read more »

Spring 2015 Member Update | Don’t Miss A Thing!

Happy Spring! We are two months into our five-month state legislative session and there’s lots to report already — and lots more to come, too. We’ve been in the capitol building frequently to meet with legislators, attend and testify in hearings, and make sure that we are there to advocate for the bills we know Oregon… Read more »