Because all Oregon workers should have paid sick time.

Everybody gets sick, but not everyone has the time to recover. Right now 473,000 Oregonians – 47% of the Oregon work force – don’t have the right to take even one day off when they or a family member is ill.  That’s not healthy for them, their workplaces, their families, their schools – or the people they serve. No one should have to risk losing a job when they fall ill.

Paid sick days means a more economically secure Oregon for families, and a healthier one too. Take action and add your voice to the overwhelming support for passing a strong paid sick time law in Oregon. All workers in Oregon should be able to earn paid sick time off while they work.

Go ahead, tell the Oregon Legislature: Paid Sick Time Now!

Click here to sign now.  Then, ask 5 friends to join you. The more of us who speak up, the more likely we are to win.  It’s that simple.