Paid-Sick-Time-Now-StickerIt’s not surprising that powerful corporate lobby interests are working hard in Salem to prevent a statewide paid sick time law from passing this legislative session, is it? And if they can’t stop it, they’re determined to water it down so it doesn’t help the people who need it most. But we’re not going to let either happen.

We’re even more determined to win a comprehensive, effective statewide paid sick time law that will really help working Oregonians do better. But to be perfectly honest, we can’t win if you don’t continue to speak up. And this is the day to do it – time is of the essence!

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See, if too few of us speak up now – right when legislators are considering whether to move this forward and what it will do – we could be drowned out by the corporate lobbyists. Which would mean working Oregonians will keep losing, like they are now.

Don’t let that happen! Speak up today for real progress in Oregon!

Can you help us make sure that our state legislators hear from lots of Oregonians who want a strong paid sick time law that really works for ALL Oregonians?

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 to let our lawmakers know that Oregonians don’t just need paid sick time, they deserve an effective paid sick time policy that doesn’t exclude people based on the kind of work they do or how many co-workers they happen to have. Which is exactly what the corporate lobbyists are trying to do: weaken the policy so it covers fewer people. Getting sick is something that happens to all of us, so all of us should have paid sick time. It’s that simple.

Your voice really matters. When you don’t use it, trust us, we get drowned out by a small but powerful group of opponents who’d like to keep things just the way they are – even though they’re beyond broken for working families.

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to use your voice to help families across the state TODAY!  We’re nor exaggerating when we say this is up to us to win – or lose.