min wage hearing imageIf Oregon is to be a good place to raise a family, our minimum wage must increase. It’s that simple.

Why? Because right now, if you work full-time at minimum wage you take home just $18,925 a year – not nearly enough to afford housing, food, childcare, and other necessities for a family, let alone save for the future. And that’s not right.

Oregonians who make minimum wage — disproportionately women, people of color, immigrants and families — simply don’t earn enough to make ends meet. While corporate CEOs take home record pay, their employees are left working jobs that pay so little they can’t afford basic necessities. It is dragging Oregon’s economy down.

Here’s the thing: raising the minimum wage isn’t just the right thing for those of us working minimum wage jobs (which it is). Higher wages will also help our economy by putting more money in the hands of workers who can buy more goods and services from local businesses, whose growth depends on more customers. Raising the minimum wage also means more Oregonians who are self-sufficient and can provide for their families and don’t have to rely on government benefits.

A broad coalition of supporters from business, faith, labor and community groups – including Family Forward Oregon and the Fair Shot for All coalition – have all come together in support of raising Oregon’s minimum wage. Please join us as we raise our voices together to tell legislators: Give workers a much-needed, long overdue raise.

Even if you can’t make the hearing, please share your story. Add your voice by clicking here.

JOIN US! Minimum Wage Public Hearing Details:

  • Who: You and anyone else who believes in livable wages
  • What: A public hearing where we can show our support for raising the minimum wage in Oregon
  • When: Monday, April 13th @ 6 PM
  • Where: Oregon State Capitol (here’s a map) http://bit.ly/ORStateCapitol
  • Why: Because the people who show up win. If we don’t show up, we get outnumbered which means more of the same, which isn’t working for far too many Oregonians. Your presence matters!
  • RSVP: Click here – it helps to know how many people are coming!
  • Facebook: Here’s the Facebook event for the hearing on Monday — please use it to invite friends and just post to let folks know it’s happening. Thanks!

See you Monday to ask for a raise!