What do YOU have to say about fatherhood — in 6 words?!

FATHERHOOD.  In Six Words?

Yes, that’s what we’re asking you. (< see, that was 6 words!)

Here’s the deal: We’re partnering with Smith Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project to gather thoughts on fatherhood from Oregon dads. Then we’re going to share them, in a variety of ways.

One thing: It can be addictive. If you write more than one (we all did), please submit your favorite.

Go ahead, whittle down fatherhood into a mere six words!  Here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Everything I do is for them.
  • Love the little Jedi, do I.
  • All I want is more time.
  • You’re borrowing money from me again?
  • May they be better than I.

Your turn! Just click here to enter your six words and then, please, ask your friends to jump in.  The more voices we can gather, the better.

*Please know that we may use your submission along with your name in our web & print materials.