Family Forward is inviting you to join us for Oregon’s Day Without Child Care 2024 on May 13th!

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Family Forward Action is a political nonprofit in Oregon that works to pass legislative action on behalf of Oregon families and childcare providers statewide. The care economy is what makes all other work possible and Oregon providers and families are being left without options, and without support. Together our voices and stories create the legislative change we need! 

We ask you; what would a day without childcare look like? If every family and working adult in Oregon had to call in, use PTO, and step away from the statewide economy because child care was not available? The demonstrated impact and value of this work would be immeasurable. We want to invite you, along with our national partners, to take part in Oregon’s day of action- Day Without Child Care 2024!

Join us for this important and historic day!

Raising Families. Raising Voices. Raising Hell. Oregon Day Without Child Care 2024!