Today we recognize International Women’s Day, in honor of laboring women across the nation and around the world. For Family Forward it’s not just about today. We honor a history of women’s strikes and their paid and unpaid labor every day, in our ongoing advocacy to advance gender, racial, and economic justice. Women deserve to be compensated for their work and to be recognized for their value as whole people, not just as workers or caregivers. We can no longer rely on the exploitation of women, and of women of color in particular, to maintain our economic and social systems.

However we “strike” today, we are standing in solidarity with generations who came before us. The history of strikes in the United States is derived from the labor movement – and has been one of the major strategies to advancing rights in the workplace, the voting booth, and many other public spheres. That’s why, whatever you do today, we encourage you to find a way to get involved in an activist community, in whatever way you can. This isn’t just about today, it’s about every day.

Whether you’re striking today, working in solidarity with those that are, we invite you to take action and join our community of activists today!

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