Right now, Oregonians are in crisis—families are facing rising housing costs,  grocery bills are soaring, and there are no communities with the level of child care they need.  

Oregon families can’t afford any more increases in their expenses – and yet Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer voted to cut the programs we count on for support. The federal budget cuts she voted for are part of a bill that will have devastating impacts on the cost of food, health care and child care for families. 

Congresswoman Chavez-DeRemer voted to: 

  1. Eliminate 4,800 preschool and child care slots in our state
  2. Raise housing costs for 10,000 Oregonians
  3. Cut food assistance for 41,000 women, children, and infants
  4. Worsen Social Security and Medicare assistance wait times for 973,500 Oregon seniors and people with disabilities

Tell Chavez-DeRemer that this bill undermines our ability to pay for necessities like housing and food—while making it even harder for parents to get to work. 

Add your voice to tell Chavez-DeRemer that our families cannot afford these cuts!