Please join us in welcoming Reyna Lopez, our new Federal Campaigns Director!  We are SO excited to have Reyna on our team and we know you’ll love her, too.

Reyna has been working alongside us in various arenas, doing outreach with the Measure 97 campaign or in her recent role as the Interim Director for Fair Shot Oregon. Reyna will be supporting our efforts to push back against budget cuts that threaten safety net programs that low income families rely on, such as food stamps, child care supports and Medicaid.

Some other things to know about Reyna:

Reyna Lopez, is a daughter of immigrants from Mexico. She grew up in Salem, Oregon, and attended Willamette University where she graduated with a B.A. in Politics and Sociology. She has a strong history in advocacy, organizing, and movement building in Oregon. And, she’s no stranger to tough campaigns. Most recently, she was the Outreach Director on the Measure 97 campaign. She was trained in the CAPACES Movement school of thought in Marion County, and has deep roots in Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Movement. Reyna is also the former Civic Engagement Director for Causa, Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Organization.

If you have any questions for Reyna, you can reach her at We are so happy that she’s joined our family and is able to contribute such valuable expertise to help win policies that support all Oregon families. Learn more about Reyna on our staff bio page here.