Congress recently passed the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, which was supposed to provide paid sick leave and child care leave for workers impacted by COVID-19. Because of loopholes purposefully written into the law, 82% of Oregonians won’t actually receive any benefits—including essential workers like grocery store employees, health care professionals, and first responders.

We can’t let this stand. If someone is sick or exposed to COVID-19, they must be able to take two weeks of paid sick leave to quarantine.

Oregon lawmakers will be meeting in August to decide how to help people being devastated by the economic impact of COVID-19…make sure they know how YOU are personally impacted by not having enough paid sick leave available!

We want you to add your own story below. Your real-life experience, in your own words, is much more powerful than anything we could say. Are you making impossible choices between taking care of your family or going to work? Are you unable to call into work if you suspect you have coronavirus? Please tell your state lawmakers TODAY.