We advocate for the change we need as mothers and caregivers at all levels of government—from our local county commissions to Congress. These are our current priorities.

Child Care

Our long term vision is a universal, primarily publicly funded child care and early learning system that:

  • values child care and the diverse professionals who provide care
  • is equitable, affordable, and culturally-relevant
  • is developed by and for Black and Indigenous people, people of color, and the predominantly women providers and parents who know the most about child care and early learning

Bills We Support

Building Child Care for a Better Future Act (Sen. Wyden)

  • Creates strong child care infrastructure by permanently increasing annual child care funding to states
  • Creates permanent grants to improve supply, quality and affordability

Universal Child Care & Early Learning Act (Sen. Warren/Rep. Jones)

  • Provides universal access to affordable, quality child care while removing work & utilization requirements
  • Requires wage parity for child care workers
  • Ensures undocumented and mixed/status families can access

Child Care for Working Families Act (Sen. Murray / Rep. Scott)

  • Expands financial assistance for child care subsidies to include more families; reduces parent fees
  • Improves quality and supply
  • Provides higher wages for providers
  • Expands access to preschool

Paid Leave

We passed the most inclusive paid family and medical leave program in the country in Oregon in 2019 that will soon go into effect (in September 2023!). Now, it’s time for the entire country to follow suit. A national paid family and medical leave program must support and complement the program we’ve created in Oregon and truly be inclusive of every unique family.

Bills We Support

The FAMILY Act (Rep. DeLauro/Sen. Gillabrand)

  • Would establish Paid Family & Medical Leave for the whole country

**We support this legislation as the most progressive option currently available and recognize that it has a few issues: The proposed program 1) is “for all” but only includes job protection for employees working for a company with <50 employees (like FMLA), 2) has too low a wage replacement (a flat 60% for all), and 3) has too narrow of a family definition (only parent, child, spouse/domestic partner).

Building an Economy for Families Act (Rep. Neal)

  • Would create a child care information system with updated information about available child care slots 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for all workers 
  • Expands mandatory funding to increase child care supply, support facilities development
  • Continuation of the refundable Child Tax Credit

**This bill also currently proposes a payroll tax credit for child care providers to raise wages, which we do not support.

Make an Impact

Contact Oregon’s members of Congress today and let them know you need them to fight for strong policies that will make an impact for mothers and caregivers!