The global pandemic has turned the child care system upside down, with both parents and providers struggling to figure out how to move forward. With about half of all child care providers currently closed, and many others on the brink of never being able to open again, it’s clear that the child care system needs attention and resources right away.

Our federal government can take action right now to ensure the crisis doesn’t get any worse, so parents can have a stable child care system to rely on, and providers can keep their doors open and keep children and staff healthy. 

The Childcare is Essential Act would provide $50 billion to help providers cover personnel costs, benefits, Hazard Pay, protective equipment, and other needs from COVID-19. Without the Childcare is Essential Act, our child care system won’t recover and parents won’t be able to get back to work.

Join us in calling on our legislators in Washington, D.C. and asking them to fight for child care providers and the families they serve. Ask them to sponsor the Child Care is Essential Act!