14650244_10154013983474067_7862743633457169980_nWith Election Day getting closer and closer, every conversation we have with voters about Measure 97 becomes increasingly important. People all around the state are getting inundated with messages from trustworthy sources and… not-so-trustworthy sources. When we have real conversations with voters about Measure 97 and why we need to hold big corporations accountable, we garner support that will allow us to build a better Oregon. Every conversation counts, and the Yes on 97 campaign is counting on your help.

The campaign is talking to voters 7 days a week, but this weekend is perhaps one of the most crucial — Oregonians will be voting! Every conversation we can have with a voter, whether at the door or on the phone, is critical.

Join us this Sunday as we talk to voters about voting YES on 97. (Plus, we have something exciting planned in Portland: Governor Brown will be kicking off the canvass at the Yes on 97 campaign headquarters!)

What:  Talking to voters about Measure 97 (yep, door-to-door – where it counts!)
When: October 23rd from 1-4 p.m.
Where: Meet at the Measure 97 campaign office at the Lloyd Center (entrance near Stanford’s)
Who: You! Your kids! Your family! Your friends! All are welcome!

Can’t make it to the canvass but want to show your support? Pledge to vote your family values at this year’s election here!