The 2018 General Election is just around the corner, and this year’s election is just as important as ever. From reproductive justice and racial profiling to fair housing and tax changes, there’s a lot at stake.

Below are our positions on the measures you’ll see on your November ballot:

Measure 102: YES
Allows local governments to be more flexible in how they finance public housing. If it passes, local governments would be able to partner with non-profits and businesses to build affordable housing with bonds.

Measure 103: NO
Changes Oregon’s constitution and adds a misleading and permanent tax break for corporations that deal in almost any way with food products. Additionally, it would cost millions for the state to enforce.

Measure 104: NO
Makes it harder to eliminate tax loopholes and hold corporations and the wealthy accountable for paying their fair share. It would change the legislature’s requirements regarding tax changes, and would put funding for health care, schools, and services in jeopardy.

Measure 105: NO
Throws out our state’s 30-year-old sanctuary law, which was originally passed as a way to address blatant racial profiling of people of color within the state. If it passes, the measure could open the door to racial profiling and cause more families to be torn apart.

Measure 106: NO
Cuts access to safe and legal abortion for low-income Oregonians and public employees. If it passes, the measure will set a dangerous precedent by cherry-picking which medical procedures are covered by insurance.