As an organization, we are focused on the link between motherhood, poverty and the lack of respect for care work in our advocacy. In particular, we advocate for policies that impact our capacity to work with dignity, and to love and provide for our families in the ways we want and deserve. This includes working to pass statewide paid sick days, retirement security laws, equal pay for equal work, and minimum wage legislation. But that is not enough. We know that all caregivers are impacted by the lack of access to paid family and medical leave, affordable childcare, and supports for older people, people with disabilities, and those who care for them. This lack of access to employment and care supports is directly linked to a lack of power among mothers and other caregivers in our political system, low representation of women and racially diverse communities in elected leadership positions and in designing the policies that are passed. This impacts what passes and whether it meets the needs of our families.

Time for Oregon 
– Quality, Affordable and Accessible Childcare

Fair Shot Coalition
Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon
Oregon Health Equity Alliance