Our Mission

Family Forward Action builds grassroots power among women, and especially mothers, to advance economic security for women and their families.  Too many women are living in poverty because of the very real barriers to economic security that exist for those with family caregiving responsibilities.  

Our Vision

We believe that caring for children, aging populations, and others in need, is a fundamental principle of a civilized and equitable society. We believe that the work of caring for loved ones is critical to our social and economic health and should not jeopardize anyone’s job or long-term security. We want statewide policies that value each individual’s right to care for their family. We envision an Oregon where:

  • Mothers and family caregivers are just as financially stable as others.
  • The work of caring for others is valued and fairly compensated.
  • People living with a disability  and our elders can get the care they need when they need it most.
  • Our children are healthy, well-cared for, and thriving.
  • Everyone can get guaranteed time off from work to recover when they’re sick or to care for their loved ones.
  • Workplace policies are designed to support caregiving and lead to improved health and economic outcomes for employees and their families.
  • All families, regardless of their configuration, are treated equally.
  • Race, gender and maternal status are no longer predictors of poverty.

To get there, we will organize the mothers and caregivers that are directly affected, advocate for  family-forward policies in ways that lift up the experiences of mothers and caregivers, and support the campaigns of strong pro-family leaders in Oregon.