Who We Are

We are mothers and caregivers that believe that our current economy can and must do more to support working families.

As a grassroots organization, we mobilize mothers and caregivers to advocate for bold, universal policies that benefit ALL families. No matter how your family is configured, what type of work you do, or how much money you make, every Oregon family deserves the protections and care that ensure we all can thrive.

Our Mission
Family Forward Action’s mission is to build effective grassroots power to pass laws that ensure economic security for women and for families, especially during the caregiving years.

Our Activist Community
Family Forward’s Activist Community is comprised of a multi racial, cross-class group of women who seek to organize and advocate around issues that intersect with racial, gender, and economic justice.

Our Staff
Family Forward Action staff are the people who carry out the bold but achievable mission to create a caring economy in Oregon that really works for all of today’s families.

Our Board
Family Forward Action’s board is a group of mothers and caregivers that represent the diverse communities across Oregon.