White Women workshop series is cancelled

We have decided to cancel the White Women Activists Resisting Our Patterns of Racial Privilege series, originally scheduled to begin later this month, after receiving feedback about the dangers of white women talking about race without clear accountability to women of color.

We believe that more white women — including the white women within our organization — need to be accountable for learning about racism and white supremacy. Our staff of color believe that this work can be done in affinity spaces as long as there is a PoC-informed curriculum and an organizational plan for accountability to women of color. We’re not sure the approach we took to this workshop meets that test, which is why we decided to cancel it. We apologize for the harm this has caused.

Internally, we are in the process of confronting the various ways white dominance influences the way we work and its impact on the women of color with whom we work, and are going to be prioritizing this work over the next few months. Our staff are participating in ongoing trainings to support us in identifying how white supremacy shows up in our work and we are planning to continue with trainings and deeper conversations over the next year.

The women of color and the white women on our staff and board are committed to our mission and to the belief that together we can improve the way we work. We remain committed to understanding how we uphold white supremacy and to working to dismantle that to advance racial justice. We thank you for your commitment to learning and changing with us. Please continue to talk to us, challenge us, and join us.

– Staff at Family Forward