The purpose of our organizing program is to build a shared “we” amongst mothers — across race, class, gender and sexuality. Together, we will work to achieve systemic change that creates greater economic security for women.

We believe that a lack of value for care in the dominant white culture and public systems in our country is at the center of race, gender and class inequality. Our solution is to build power among women — across race and class — within the existing system, while also changing the underlying ideology about care issues being private issues, and building a new public conversation that frames care as a public issue. It will take a combination of policy work, electoral work, and organizing to achieve this culture shift.

Our organizing program is built on a combination of power-based and transformative models. Transformative organizing requires that we understand inequity, power and oppression.  It requires that we engage “every day” women in building a movement that also recognizes that not all women are affected in the same way. We must address the race, class and other disparities among women in addition to disparities between women and men.  Full inclusion is a value that underpins all our work — full inclusion of mothers and other caregivers, full inclusion of non-English speakers, full inclusion of low-wage women, full inclusion of women of color, full inclusion of LGBTQ folks, full inclusion of people of all abilities. We intentionally and constantly seek solutions that will increase race, class and gender equity. We prioritize relationships, shared leadership, political education, cross-racial and cross-class relationship building, and a deep level of engagement that starts with women’s lived experiences and develops into a collective critical awareness.

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