What We Do

Advocate: As an organization, we have been focused on the link between motherhood, poverty and the lack of respect for care work in our advocacy since day one. In particular, we advocate for policies that impact our capacity to work with dignity, and to love and provide for our families in the ways we want and deserve.

Organize: We organize mothers and other caregivers to join this movement, to get active, and to demand change in our state. In order to come together in a multi-racial and cross-class movement, we provide in-depth training around racism, sexism, power and oppression as well as advocacy and leadership skills.  We facilitate regional Action Teams through which mothers and other caregivers are building community, learning new skills, planning events, organizing workshops, and mobilizing new people to get involved.

Resources: Looking for more direct information about your rights in the workplace?  Click here to visit our sister website, Family Forward Oregon, and read about your rights around issues like pregnancy accommodation, paid sick time, family and medical leave, and more. You can also read our latest messaging toolkit here


Hear from some of our activists and supporters about what it’s like to be active with our community!