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Become a Supporter 

supporter is a member of the Family Forward Action community who financially supports the organization, either with a monthly recurring donation, annually, or at events. Supporters can also be involved with our action teams, working on our legislative priorities and organizing across the state. To become a supporter of Family Forward Action today, visit our donation page here.

Share Your Story
We believe that the power of personal stories is often what sways decision-makers to adopt a new, family-friendly policy. We want to hear from those who have experienced a lack of access to paid family and medical leave, or who need affordable, quality childcare, or anything else that is making it hard for you to care for and provide for your family.

Become an Employer Ally
There are many employers in Oregon who create workplaces where their employees are valued and treated with dignity and respect.  When these employers speak out in support of pro-family policy, it makes a difference.  Employers can endorse policy campaigns, write LTE’s and Op-Eds, talk about their advocacy in social media, lobby legislators, testify at hearings, speak to media — all the things all activists do —from an employer angle.  If you are an employer and would like to get involved in this way, contact Sharon Bernstein at